Splunk 4.3 is out for a few days, and this new release contains some nice improvements:

  • Sparklines (like in BlueCoat): * | chart sparkline count by host gives the following result:
  • Splunk Sparklines

  • Flash is replaced by HTML5 (for recent browsers; flash is still used for old browsers), but the behaviour of flashtimeline or reports is kept unchanged. Allows mobile device usage for accessing Splunk dashboards.
  • Real-time backfill for Real-time Views by default
  • Dashboards can be edited by users using drag and drop, without having to use XML.
  • IPV6 support for searches, web interfaces and distributed deployments
  • Bloom filters to enhance performance
  • Structured data field extraction for JSON and XML
  • Data preview is now available when importing data from files

  • And some more new stuff

January 13, 2012, 1:00 am lock

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