Linux on ASUS V6J

Linux Version: Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake"
Laptop: Asus V6j Centrino Duo 1,8 Ghz, Ram 1Go

Curiously, this laptop does not have link and activity leds.
Since the end of may, installing package linux-image-2.6.15-23-686 will provide you native networking (wired and wireless).
Here's my previous notes for working with previous kernels (not necessary anymore):
For the ethernet adapter, you will need to install manually a module. It should take only a few minutes. Link:
For the wirelless adapter, it takes more times, but works fine:
From times to times, after an hibernation, Linux is exchanging the index of the nework cards (the wifi becomes eth0 and the wired eth1 as oposed as usualy). To prevent this, you can force the interfaces name by specifying them along with their mac address in the file /etc/iftab :
  Note for Debian users: to do the same thing, edit the file /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules.

After updating with the latest kernel (linux-image-2.6) provided by ubuntu, the sound works without problem.

Hibernate works, but you need to remove wireless module before hibernating (by adding MODULES="ipw3945" in /etc/default/acpi-support). However, it is recomended  not to disconet any usb device or unplug the AC adptor while suspending the laptop.
Update: The hiberbernation will fail if it cannot unmount your samba mounted directory, for exemple if your network is down.

Now, both CPU cores are adapting their speed to the sytem activity. Howerver, it fails to work after an hibernation unless powernowd is restarted (if you use this daemon for managing your CPU frequency). To do so, you must add it in /etc/default/acpi-support within this line: STOP_SERVICES="powernowd ".

With the nvidia-glx package, it works perfectly, including 3D acceleration.

The keyboard, including the additionnal buttons (wifi on/off, lock screen...) works. Touchpad and USB mouse are working without any problem.  The xorg.conf file must be modified as below if you want to have the ability to scroll windows from the touch pad.

In order to watch DVD movies, you must first set you region code with regionset (from the same name package).

Does not works :
The flash card reader does not works, but some people have reported it to work with the kernel 2.6.17-rc1.

Not tested (yet):
Modem, bluetooth and ExpressCard.

Windows refund :
I am trying to get a refund to the unused copy of windows wich was sold with this laptop (see, in french).

Links :
For configuration of the synaptcis touchpad:

Detailed page about this laptop (in french):
Infos about upgrade to Edgy

Updates :
Added the NoLogo option in the xorg.conf file, and a link to Miguel's page.
Various updates on the hibernating status.
The DVD and windows refund sections were added.

Updated the frequancy scaling part in ACPI section.
Added info on preventing network card form exchanging their names

/etc/X11/xorg.conf file (for french keyboard):